Lucas & Corrina

British Columbia Lucas

Imagine the fear future parents must face when they are told they will be flown to Vancouver from their home in Whitehorse for the emergency birth of their son four months early. Suddenly you find yourself in a strange city, far away from the support of your family and friends.

That’s exactly what Lucas’s parents endured. Lucas spent the first four months of his life in Vancouver Children’s Hospital and during this time his parents lived at Easter Seals House. Lucas is now an active 6-year-old with cerebral palsy. He needs both an electric wheelchair and specialized walker for mobility and every four months he returns with his Mom to Easter Seals House for medical follow-ups and continued treatment at the hospital.

“Lucas loves to stay at Easter Seals House because he has the opportunity to meet other kids and it gives him something to look forward to after of a full day of medical procedures and tests. Spending time with other kids takes the stress off everything he goes through at the hospital. I realize it takes a lot of money to run Easter Seals House and there is no way the little amount I pay covers the costs, it’s the donors that make this service possible” – Corrina, Lucas’s Mom