Brandon Liston

New Brunswick Brandon Liston

Some kids dream of leading the country one day. For Brandon Liston this dream might actually happen.

At 14 years old, Brandon is already a seasoned Easter Seals Ambassador, having served in New Brunswick when he was six years old to ten. Now he is making history, officially becoming Easter Seals’ first National Ambassador. Brandon will travel to key events across the country to speak on behalf of Easter Seals kids. His first official duty is to be the 60,000 recipient of the Access 2 Entertainment card on its tenth anniversary, December 3, 2014.

Brandon knows a thing or two about smiles and Easter Seals. For him, the two go hand-in-hand. Brandon has cerebral palsy, which affects his right leg and arm. He uses a walker primarily to get around, and a wheelchair for longer distances.

When he needs to replace a walker he has outgrown, he and his mom, Tammy turn to Easter Seals New Brunswick, which provides long-term loans of personal assistive equipment free of charge. This service is a god-send for parents of children with disabilities. Bringing up a child with a disability can be cost prohibitive if not for the support of Easter Seals and government programs. Learn more about Brandon and what Easter Seals means to him.

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